About 3Dsellers

Hello, my name is Alex Flom, I am the CEO & founder of 3Dsellers. 

I started selling on eBay in 2008 when the world of e-commerce was rather new. Back then, there were hardly any tools helping sellers to design, manage, monitor and develop their eBay business. Since I had some programming experience, I started to develop tools that helped me gain an advantage over competitors and grow my eBay business. These tools worked very well, my eBay sales went up, and my business thrived. I started thinking that the tools I developed could help other eBay sellers.

And so, in 2010 I teamed up with Avi Assa, an excellent developer, and 3DSellers was born.

Since 2010, 3Dsellers launched over a dozen applications for eBay sellers and our company grew from a two-man operation to a company of 15 employees.

Our applications provided various solutions for eBay sellers such as store designs, cross-sell emails and automated feedback reminders.

In 2017, we came up with an entirely new concept: instead of offering sellers several applications for different needs, we decided to create one platform that will provide eBay sellers with a comprehensive solution.

The platform was launched in January 2018.

Signature of 3Dsellers founder, Alex Flom

Our mission:

To build tools that will help eBay sellers take their business to the next level.

Picture of 3Dsellers office and team building ecommerce tools for eBay sellers and multichannel merchants

The Company Today

Since the early days of a 2-friend project, the company grew and is now a group of 15 experienced entrepreneurs, software developers and hi-tech lovers, serving more than 200,000 eBay sellers.

We are not stopping here, we will continue adding new features, adding new tools, and making the platform more and more valuable for eBay sellers every single day.

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